M.S. Lily Stargazer

In the Shadows of Glory…My NBA Life


If you watch certain reality shows, you might think you know all about the private lives of professional athletes and the women with whom these celebrities are involved. The women often are portrayed as shallow gold diggers, as "groupies" without morals or values, or as petty schemers who cause drama. Now, author M. S. Lily Stargazer is here to tell you that those depictions are not 100 percent genuine. Not every wife or girlfriend of a pro athlete is superficial, lewd or an opportunist. Lily Stargazer knows this and can speak from a position of authority, because for over a decade, she was one of those women, in a relationship with a professional basketball player.

Lily met Clay in college and went on to travel the world with him as he excelled in his sport. She experienced it all—the fast life, the fame, and the money—but unlike so many others who were dazzled by the glittering world of professional sports, she managed to stay grounded. She tried to help Clay keep his feet firmly planted on the ground as well—not an easy task, given the accolades and adoration that sent him soaring higher than a jump shot.

If you’re hoping for an acrimonious retelling of Lily’s time with her NBA star, or if you want a tell-all book that names names, you won’t find that here. In the Shadows of Glory … My NBA Life is more than that. It offers an in-depth, poignant account of living day to day with an NBA player—in fact, living with the NBA itself—from the perspective of "a girl who enjoyed life and fell in love with an athlete, a basketball player."

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