M.S. Lily Stargazer

In the Shadows of Glory…My NBA Life


Lily Stargazer was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in NY. After graduating from high school, Lily attended a State University in NY where she studied economics. While a freshman, Lily found herself working as a teacher’s aide at a home for troubled girls. She found her contributions personally satisfying and this would be the first of many times throughout her life that she worked with young girls in a mentoring setting. This included volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club, Big Bros, Big Sis, Junior Achievement to mention a few. She also created and led a program for preteen and teen girls encouraging personal development.

After two years of college, she transferred out of state on a whim to attend college elsewhere. After arriving at her new school she met Clay, who would become her long-term boyfriend/fiancé and a top pick NBA player. Lily went on to travel the world and experience the professional basketball life with Clay. During their relationship, she continued and completed her undergraduate education. She also worked as a model, mostly working small print jobs and music videos. Clay and Lily were involved in a relationship for over thirteen years. During that time she was amidst and surrounded by the temptations and trials that came along with fame and having millions of dollars your disposal. Through it all she was able to remain grounded.

Being strongly influenced by many family members, Lily completed graduate school and received an MBA with a concentration in finance and entrepreneurship. Lily later worked as a business consultant, in the financial industry as a financial advisor and also the health and beauty industry as a consultant.

For various reasons, Lily felt motivated to write a memoir, In the Shadows of Glory…My NBA Life, about parts of her life as the girlfriend and fiancé of a professional basketball player. She has developed a new passion for writing, and looks forward to writing more non-fiction novels about her life experiences as well as the life experiences of many of the other interesting lives that she has crossed paths with over the years.

Her greatest passion however is to be a mentor and motivator and to inspire women to pursue and find happiness and success in their own lives. Lily’s vision is become a positive role model to women and is currently a certified life coach and consultant who encourages goal setting, personal and professional development while also stressing the importance of living a life of integrity.

Lily is now married with a small child and lives in Texas.



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