M.S. Lily Stargazer

In the Shadows of Glory…My NBA Life


Chapter 2

A few hundred people attended this event, and different groups seemed to gather around specific players. Throughout the afternoon, a consistent rotation of people came up to Clay to talk to him and ask him questions. They wanted to take pictures with him and shake hands with him. I stayed right by his side the entire time, but as each minute passed, I could feel myself blending in more and more with the room, with the background. I started to feel like I wasn’t even there. No one spoke to me, smiled at me, or even looked at me. While in Clay’s shadow, I was invisible, unnoticed, and totally disregarded. I’d never felt this way before; I’d never been ignored.
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Chapter 6

I remember feeling the calmness of a quiet and early summer morning—a time when kids slept in late, and families were away on vacation. Suddenly, I heard a thunderous sound, like the stampede of bulls. Before I could think, the bedroom door was thrown open, and I was ordered, by a loud, strong voice, “Out of the bed and onto the floor!” It was only a matter of seconds from the point when I heard the commotion to my being naked on the floor with a gun pointed at me. Clay, who was in the bathroom, ran out in complete shock. He quickly raised his arms but asked if he could put something over me. Someone among the group of serious and focused men agreed, and Clay laid a robe over me. He was instructed to sit on the bed and to keep his arms and hands up. I was allowed to sit on the bed as well. I felt scared and embarrassed. Clay looked bothered but remained calm. The bedroom door was open, and we could see that there were at least a half a dozen other people going in and out of rooms.
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Chapter 8

As years passed, Opal started to look different. Her clothing style was trendier; her hair was done up in stylish ways; she wore contacts instead of glasses. I knew that Clay spoke to her; he would tell me that she was harmless, but I didn’t believe that. After hearing story after story from people talking about sneaky women and backstabbing friends, all plotting against them to be with their men, my mind started to believe that all suspiciously acting women were like that. I believed they all had ulterior motives. Thoughts took over my mind and consumed me. I could never relax, and it became hard for me to trust other women.
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