M.S. Lily Stargazer

In the Shadows of Glory…My NBA Life



Children’s Workshops designed to help build a solid foundation of personal and professional skills which assist in achieving success in your child’s academic and professional futures.

The workshops will include topics such as: Goal Setting; Presentation Skills; Professional Etiquette; Time Management; Understanding Money & Money Management.

Fall 2016 Workshop: Understanding Money & Money Management I


Besides teaching personal and professional development workshops; I am also a life coach. I help women who have lost themselves while supporting their loved ones’ successes; uncover and pursue their own ambitions while gaining purpose, life balance and financial freedom.

Very often women dedicate their entire lives, all of their time and energy, supporting their mates, children or families. I believe we must seek our own happiness first in order to feel fulfilled and free. Only then will we truly be able to give our best to those we love.


For more information, please email me at MSLilyStargazer@ymail.com